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Black Belt Course
Atemi Ryu uses a ranking system based on belts. Each belt level is used to represent the skill level of the student. Lower-level belts can typically be earned in a few months, whereas higher-level belts can take years. We offer training courses for kiddies, as well as adultsCONTACT US
Corporate Self Defence Course
Self defence training has been shown to improve employee discipline, morale and enhance teamwork.CONTACT US
Neighbourhood Watch Street Survival Course
Here you will gain valuable insight, training and knowledge on how to effectively protect yourself in non-passive situations.CONTACT US
Women's Self Defence Course
Women need to be able to protect themselves from potential attackers. With increasing numbers of attacks against women, it's crucial to take the necessary precaution to protect yourselves.CONTACT US
<b>About Us</b>

About Us

We’re a Self Defence Academy based in Pelican Park, Cape Town, South Africa, offering Street Survival training to the public. Atemi Ryu means “School of Striking“. We present a unique Close-Quarters Combat system that is a collective form of martial arts. This system has no regard for the safety and well-being of the attacker, therefore we have no sports applications at this school. We concentrate on teaching purely what works and has been proven to be effective. Our Self Defence System is a progressive multiform of martial science integrated into one effective system.



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    Pelican Park Community Hall, Beak Road, Pelican Park, Cape Town, 7941, South Africa