The Dojo

Welcome to our Dojo where you will find that studying martial arts is exciting, lots of fun, healthy, and will help you in many individual ways. It will help you develop respect for yourself and others. It will provide you with a very effective form of self-defence in this modern era we live in.

In a world of violence, the idea of enrolling your child in any self-defence training doesn’t always seem like a good one. With all the violence going on in our current society, you may be surprised to learn that martial arts training is actually very beneficial to kids.

What qualities will you / your child learn at our dojo?

  • Ability to concentrate and focus on one task
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Consistency
  • Leadership skills
  • How to be coached and to coach others
  • How to instruct others
  • How to correct others with positive feedback
  • How to listen to others
  • How to model appropriate behaviour to others

We teach the following:

  • Fitness Training
  • Basic postures
  • Body movements
  • Deflections
  • Striking and kicking
  • Self defence techniques
  • Throws / Take-downs
  • Groundwork
  • Application of locks
  • Weapon skills
  • Pressure point application
  • Tactical Survival Skills
  • Meditation


Our doors are open to all
From the moment you walk into our dojo you will be welcomed by all of whom want to share their knowledge and experience to help you progress your own abilities for Self-defence and build a skill base that is second to none.

When starting your membership with us, we ask that you commit fully to the task at hand. This allows us to focus on providing you with the best possible training. Commitment means attending your training frequently, being self-motivated and honouring your membership.