Dojo Etiquette

This is nothing more than the philosophy that each martial artist tries to live with. Respect the correct order of things and how they should be done. Thus, in the dojo each student learns to follow rules in order to build a respectable character.

The Bow

  • Some people have the misguided interpretation of the ‘bow’.
  • To our training partner before and after performing a technique.
  • When entering and leaving the dojo.
  • When stepping on and off the mat.
  • To an instructor after receiving instruction or asking a question.


Our uniform is a custom camouflaged combat top and black pants. It is encouraged that students purchase a club GI within 3 Months of joining as GI’s are stronger and more durable for techniques. This is to be worn at all times. Wearing Gi is compulsory after 3 Months.

Your graded belts must be worn at all times

If you have lost or forgotten your current graded belt and/or are not wearing your correct Gi, you are then considered a ‘beginner’ and must wear a white belt and take your place accordingly on the floor.


Make every effort to arrive at class on time. If however you arrive late, you must apologize to your instructor and ask permission to join the class.

Lining Up

This etiquette will be different from club to club, but all our programs require students to line up left to right in ascending grade order. The highest grade on the left, next highest on their right. Lines ascend from front to rear. The only exception to this rule is when students are not wearing a club uniform/graded belt.

The Tatami

The tatami is the training mat area, in ancient times it was made of straw; today we use various foam filled mats. They exist for the student’s protection and should be treated with ‘respect’ – Besides Tabi shoes, no outside shoes are to be worn on this mat, no drinking or eating on them and problems such as sharp or foreign objects found on the mats should be reported to the instructor immediately. Only leave or step on to the mat when you have been given permission to do so by the instructor.


Talking is permitted to a point. Talking while the instructor is giving instruction is not permitted, neither is shouting or waving your arms to attract attention – this is disrespectful, be respectful at all times within and outside of the dojo. Your training is not restricted to only the dojo.

Personal Hygiene

It is important that you practice personal hygiene. Your finger and toenails should be kept short to prevent injuries to yourself and others. Uniforms should be regularly washed. Gi should also be pressed and or ironed. All items of jewellery, watches, earrings, necklaces, etc. should be removed before training starts. Finger rings which are hard to remove should be covered with tape.


No eating in the dojo, drinking is allowed at the instructor’s discretion, but never on the mat.


All weapons MUST be covered while traveling to and from class – these weapons are illegal outside the dojo and if challenged by the police you may end up having them confiscated or fined if charged with possession!

Equal Opportunities Respect

All students will respect the rights of all others while seeking to develop themselves at our dojo and within the martial arts community as a whole. Each person will be treated equally regardless of sex, age, ethnic group, disability or religion.

Club fees

monthly training fee is set and must be paid on or before the 7th of each new month. This is to insure that the rental of the premises is paid and training equipment is acquired. This way, each member will achieve the desired outcome based on the syllabus.