About Us

We’re a Self Defence Academy based in Pelican Park, Cape Town, South Africa, offering classes to the public.


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What We Do

Atemi Ryu means “School of Striking“. We present a unique self defence system that is a collective form of combat martial arts, called Atemi Jutsu, which means “Art of Striking“.

Atemi Jutsu is identified by its body movements, use of kicks, joint locks, throws, and hand strikes to the body’s pressure points, neutralising a situation in the shortest amount of time.

This unique discipline also incorporates a variety of weapons. This combat system is unique to this school and is virtually obsessed with philosophy, and strongly focuses on StrengthKnowledgeAction and Convergence. Atemi Jutsu is a continuously evolving reality-based self defence system with ancient roots and traditions.

Like many other fighting styles, this form of self defence system uses a ranking system based on belts. Each belt level is used to represent the skill level of the student. Lower-level belts can typically be earned in a few months, whereas higher-level belts can take years.

To summarize, your training is straight forward and practical. You will learn to adapt your knowledge automatically to use a combination of what you have learnt and what is the most effective in any situation you encounter.

Atemi Ryu’s self defence system has no regard for the safety and well-being of the attacker, therefore we have no sports applications at this school. We concentrate on teaching purely what works and has been proven to be effective.

No two Atemi Jutsu styles are the same. Atemi Ryu’s Self Defence System is a progressive multiform of martial science integrated into one effective system.

We strongly recommend that everyone, including women and children must be able to defend themselves in this day and age.

Come and join us

Join in! No need to be super fit or have any previous knowledge of martial arts. Classes are available to people of all ages and genders.

This organization draws more than 25 years’ experience from its Chief Instructor, Shareef Jantjies. He has experience in various grappling arts as well as JujitsuMuay ThaiNinjutsuIaidoKrav Maga & Karate.


Atemi Ryu’s information is as follows;

Company Name: Atemi Ryu (Pty) Ltd, a private company registered in South Africa with registration number 2019/441447/07

Physical Address: Pelican Park Community Hall, Beak Road, Pelican Park, Cape Town, 7941, South Africa

Postal Address: 11 Bluebird Street, Pelican Park, Cape Town, 7941, South Africa

Contact email addressinfo@atemiryu.co.za

Contact number+27 67 034 6245

Contact Person for Correspondence: Eudocha Barry